I really didn’t have a biggest fear especially after reading more about your company and the positive referrals and comments of other clients. The ease of completing the transaction…Matthew was able to take care of that smoothly and efficiently. I am grateful and thankful for all your help and support.

McBride, Tonya – Oakland, California 9/24/19

Got a piece of land for a good price.

Feletenberger, David – Seffner, Florida 8/23/19

I was looking at try to make my dream come true with buying a piece of land to build my future on. TruDreams is making this dream possible for me and my future. I would recommend TruDreams to anyone that may be looking to make their dream come true as well. Again thank you TruDreams Team Mindy and Lisa for helping with my dream.

Landgren, Michelle – Commerce, California 8/22/19

Wonderful company!! Wonderful properties!! Mindy and Lisa were a joy to work with and were not bothered by our 10,000 questions. We will be purchasing more properties through them from here on out!! THANK YOU LADIES!! You helped our dreams come true!!

Roessling, Rebecca – Jacksonville, Florida 8/7/19

I have been looking for a place to prepare for my early retirement and to get away from the expensive and stressful lifestyle in the city. Since I don’t have much money to get started, TruDream Properties gave me a chance with no money down, no credit check and no hassle. I am very blessed. I am referring my friends and everyone who wants to get away from the city life like myself. From Diana.

Clark, Diana – Lauderhill, Florida 7/31/19

I’m very satisfied with my land purchase from True Dream Properties. The personnel at True Dream make the land buying process painless. They are a great group of folks. They are very knowledgeable and take care of all the paper work and now I own a little piece of our great Country. Their prices for parcels of land are second to none. They want satisfied customers so if you ever wanted to purchase land talk to the fine people at True Dream Properties and let them remove some of the mysteries of acquiring land to make your dream come true.

MacEnany, Chris – Hudson, Florida 7/31/19

Found them online. Read how easy it is to buy from them. Thought it was too easy, but then I see that everything they advertise, they put in writing on the contract! That simple. I found a great piece of land for recreation. The price was good and there is no pressure to buy now, buy now, and buy now. Everything was very easy. Take a look at what they have to offer, and the terms, no one out there can come close. Extremely happy I chose them.

Monroy, Julio – Ruskin, Florida 7/16/19

Experience was good and employees were professional and what was advertise is what I purchased

Brown, Stephen – Orlando, Florida 7/12/19

Very professional – immediate replies and actions. One more item crossed off my bucket list!

Adams, Lillian – Brick, New Jersey 6/13/19

You made the process very easy. [Your people] were very nice to talk to.

Geppi, Brett – Baltimore, Maryland 6/10/19

I needed financing on my land and you provided a fair price and a fair payment plan. Mindy was great, staying in constant contact with me and working with me all the way through the buying process. Thank you!

Williams, Jessica – Hartsel, Colorado 6/3/19

They helped me acquire my DREAM mountain property. I am very thankful.

Williams, Jessica – Hartsel, Colorado 6/1/19

Ms Mindy was very polite to talk with about any Questions I had.

Skipper, Pamela – Memphis, Tennessee 4/29/19

I purchased 2 properties from them. The process was easy and the land is beautiful. I plan to buy more land from them. This company is the best and trustworthy.

Perez, Jessica – Bullhead City, Arizona 4/23/19

Trudream properties is a perfect name I never thought I would [own] any property as disabled American. You are the first step in the American dream for me.

Armstrong, Aaron – Tehachapi, California 4/20/19

Love you guys are great thank you guys.

Roldan, Eddie – Palm Bay, Florida 4/8/19

You were a legitimate business. You were available to answer my questions. Everyone was very helpful.

Bolin, Brenda – Floydada, Texas 4/3/19

You walked me through each step before the purchase was implemented and that made me feel at ease.

Hoff, Justin – Santee, California 4/2/19

While I was certainly hoping for a higher offer yours was considerably higher than any other offer I received.

Lentine, Francis– Binghamton, New York 3/26/19

I was afraid that you were some fly by night outfit on a fishing expedition to get something for nothing. I was surprised at the level of professionalism, the prompt and complete answers to my questions, the knowledge and pleasantness of the staff members to whom I talked. It was a very pleasant experience as far as disposing of the property [though] it was emotional for me as my grandmother had purchased the property some 70 years ago. But sometimes you just have to let go. Now was the time.

Lemons, Merrilyn – Woodland Hills, California 3/25/19

My experience with TruDream Properties was indeed, Great! Mindy worked with me, answering my every question with patience and clarity. When I was ready to purchase she assisted me with streamlined documentation and a clear, and easy to understand Invoice. I recommend this company to anyone interested in purchasing lands throughout, and especially in Florida.

Holmes, Zella – Hollister, Florida 3/20/19

I like how yall were helpful in all ways. Gave me the land I needed to build my home for a unbelievable price.

Schlumpf, Norman – Colorado Springs, Colorado 3/14/19

My biggest fear was dealing with someone that I don’t know that contacted me instead of me looking for someone and contacting them. I did a lot of research on the internet and decided to go with you. I was surprised at the fact that there’s no upfront money on my end. I’ve had other businesses wanting to buy my properties that wanted me to pay a monthly fee … I didn’t feel that was right.

Cox, Charlene – Orange Park, Florida 2/18/19

Three *very easy steps* to owning land: Find the property you want, secure it with the Buy Now option, sign the contract…Done. It’s really that easy! Contacting them is simple, too (I used both the chat option and email). 5 stars for 1st time experience with them. Won’t be my last purchase with TruDream I can assure you of that, as I’ll be watching as new listings become available 🙂

Waters, James – Interlachen, Florida 2/8/19

5⭐ experience. Easy to use website, electronic signature, payment. First time land buyer and would recommend them to anyone.

Cantrell, Travis – Pace, Florida 2/1/19

Very friendly and professional, fantastic, I encourage anyone to do business with true dream…

Peterson, Paul – Burlington, Iowa 2/1/19

I was worried about getting tricked or a bad deal. It helped having ongoing communication with Mindy via phone and email. Then I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the process.

Da Silva, Loi – Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1/7/19

We sold our land because we’re entering retirement and no longer wished to hold on to this investment. Just want to say again how easy and pleasant it was to work with Lisa Tokar, as she navigated the sale of land that was in a self-directed IRA.

Sher, Laura – North Hampton, New Hampshire 12/19/18

I look forward to doing more business with you all. Thank you… Happy Holidays!

Murray, Edward – New Smyrna Beach, Florida 12/7/18

Our fear was that this wasn’t a legitimate offer and we would lose our parcel and money. We were sent references to check and this reassured us… The constant contact that Lisa Tokar provided was so helpful and reassuring! She was more than gracious with answering our questions and very patient with our requests.

Kroon, James & Cindy – Escondido, California 11/27/18

I’m planning to hold the land for future development or re-sale. My fear was purchasing unseeing a piece of land. My confidence in Craig and his integrity helped somewhat to overcome doubts.

Tardzer, Cephas – Kissimmee, Florida 10/18/18

I really like you guys. You are selling ‘hopes and dreams’…but you are very nice and friendly and helpful about it! It’s up to the clients to focus and achieve their…True Dreams!

Isaksen, Eric– Los Angeles, California 10/10/18

Mindy was extremely nice and helpful.

Cloutier, Ron – Punta Gorda, Florida 9/3/18

Love my 2.5 in north Fla. Thanks, it’s a true dream.

Parker, Paul – North Port, Florida 8/26/18

Legal ownership, receiving the official documents and hearing from the county that it is under our name… All was expedited in a professional manner.

Hutchinson, Brad & Renee – Evans, Colorado 7/16/18

I wasn’t sure if I could afford the property, the payment agreement made me feel more confident.

Padilla, Rudy – Las Cruces, New Mexico 6/26/18

I wasn’t sure if you were going to follow through [but] we had constant email and phone communication and updates.

Sher, Laura – North Hampton, New Hampshire 6/12/18

They are very affordable. And the people (Mindy) is a great person.

Gonzalez, Gregoria – Rosamond, California 4/9/18

TruDream Properties are that, a dream come true with this company’s help! They’re honest, forthcoming and true to their word. Payments come out as scheduled, land is what they say it is, freedom to switch if you don’t end up liking it. Fair with no interest rates as well as fantastic 15% discount when paid off at once. No credit checks… I’ve been searching for affordable Florida property and after many years I got lucky and found this company. Nothing negative at all to report, I confirm they’re worth an A+..

Loshure, Kyle − St. Augustine, Florida 5/2/2018 − as reported to Better Business Bureau

People were very helpful and [the] transaction was fairly simple.

Morgan, Linda – Interlachen, Florida 3/28/18

I thought that buying property involved A LOT more people and paperwork and you and your people made it very easy. I was MORE than pleasantly surprised with the way you followed up with any and all questions PLUS you provide information on other properties I might be interested in AND the GUARANTEE is AMAZING and makes it all SAFE with no BUYERS REMORSE possible! This has only been a great experience. Thank you all.

Plunkett, Catherine – Lake Havasu City, Arizona 3/26/18

The people were kind and caring.

Jordan, Jes – Kingman, Arizona 3/23/18

My husband and I just got 40 acres in Rye Patch NV and are so grateful to this company for helping us make our dreams real… 190% trust them. We did our research and looked them up on the BBB, wonderful rates.

Raper, Rita – Anderson, California 3/18/18

I’m not knowledgeable in internet transactions. Lisa helped me to work it out through telephone business conversation and eventually closed the deal. They were very pleasant, accommodating, trustworthy and reliable.

Galima, Ana Lyn – Long Beach, California 2/17/18

Trust, but looked over the facts and [in] talking with the rep, Mindy, she was so honest and forthcoming…Thank you so very much, been a blessing to my family!

Loshure, Kyle – St. Augustine, Florida 2/5/18

Disappointments? None at all and I look forward to making another purchase….Mindy and the company are the BEST!!!!

Smith, Gabriel – Los Angeles, California 2/2/18

You were great, thanks.

Roldan, Eddie – Palm Bay, Florida 2/2/18

My agent was a blessing! She worked with me completely on everything I needed…I cannot stress enough, this is a true dream of a company to work with!!!

Morris, Nina – El Paso, Texas 12/14/17

I was very impressed [with] how fast the land deal was done.

Petersen, Jerry – Fort Wayne, Indiana 12/11/17

No fears at all. These folks do unto others, so there is hope for your dreams…thus TruDream. You are the very best at being fair and faithful to your word. I tell everyone to check TruDream out, and feel I have done a good thing I won’t be embarrassed by later. Credibility is rare but not here. Buy with confidence.

Gorban, Ken – Holly Hill, Florida 12/7/17

They promised a money-back guarantee. After I decided I didn’t want the land I’d purchased, I was skeptical, but they delivered!

Ovalles, Jorge – Lauderhill, Florida 12/7/17

Have purchased property to build a home and have enjoyed the team at TRU DREAM.

Roberts, Yolonda – Aventura, Florida 12/4/17

I am very satisfied and trust the people at this company. I purchased land from them in Grant Florida and the transaction went fast and smooth.

Ramdat, Peter – Melbourne, Florida 12/1/17

We want to thank Mindy and Lisa for all your hard work and help in acquiring two properties from TDP. Both of you were very helpful, patient, and professional. You both made the process easy and enjoyable. It was an absolute pleasure to work with everyone that was involved… Looking forward to purchasing in the future with you. Thanks again for all your help.

Frisch, Jonathan M., and Davis, Nathan J. – San Diego, California 11/8/17

All B.S. aside, if it weren’t for these guys I would not have been able to buy my [land]. I love my piece of property. It is my piece of mind. I will never live anywhere else! I had some unfortunate events occur when I first obtained my property and missed a payment and was late on the next…they were completely flexible with me, did not charge me any late fees, and not once did they call me pressuring me about their money! As long as you show them you are trying, and you have always paid in the past, they will work it out with you. They would much rather see you keep your land over losing it. I can’t say enough about these guys; they truly are great. They are my heroes! I’m already looking for another piece of property and my first one isn’t quite paid off yet. The next one will be vacation property! Thanks, you guys! You are truly good people doing a great thing!

Mccleary, Erica – Mojave, California 11/3/17

I appreciated the ease of transaction, flexibility and full disclosure.

Gorban, Ken – Holly Hill, Florida 10/23/17

I was concerned that I would pay for the land and it would not be mine in the end, [but] I did my research and found nothing bad about the company. [I was pleasantly surprised that] it was all done online [and] by very nice people.

Newton, Rue – Panama City Beach, Florida 10/16/17

My biggest fear was that with the process being so easy, start to finish, it had to be a scam. But I dealt with 2 fantastic reps from TruDream and I was very surprised on how efficient communication was. They were fantastic. They made sure I was educated on property buying before I signed a thing. Because of the material I was given by Craig, I’ve decided to look at this as an investment. To take my time on deciding what increases and decreases property value, before I start doing a thing. Who knew buying property could be as easy as a few emails, a few calls and then signing with the online system. So easy.

Bowlden, Matthew – Exline, Iowa 9/29/17

Your people, Lisa and Melissa, were great. I am old and computers etc. are not the easiest for me. They said don’t worry, and if you have any questions, just call. And I did. They walked me through it all. Thank you. I will recommend your company. Again, thank you for helping me and putting up with my many calls. [I may purchase additional properties in the future], not sure where – but it will be with TruDream for sure. You made an old man and his wife very happy. Bless all of yours.

Porter, Danny – Palmdale, California 5/25/17

Excellent deal.

Vuksic, Mirko – Tarzana, California 3/25/17

Honesty; you stood by your word, [and] everyone was very nice.

Farmer, Beverly – Greenville, North Carolina 3/24/17

I was surprised to get a letter offering to buy my land. I was skeptical, but called anyway. Glad I did! TruDream Properties was great and did everything they promised, and I was able to sell them the land within a few weeks.

Joanne G. – Alexandria, Virginia 3/25/17

You were legit. And having dealings with you for awhile I know you are. And I will buy again in the future. You all were not only professional, but very helpful. Others I have dealt with weren’t as good or as reasonably priced as you are. I have already told my friends.

Tackett, Brenda – Ashville, Ohio 3/24/17

I purchased my first property through TruDream and the entire experience was amazing. They stand true by everything stated on the site and made this absolutely the most pleasurable buying experience!

Carter Jr., Jackie – Redondo Beach, California 3/12/17

It was so easy to work with this company, TruDream Properties. I just signed the lease and I owned the land after that. I didn’t expect that was easy like this. I am happy that I [did] business with this company. I will refer others to them [if] someone asks me.

Kahla, Mohanad – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Just $50 down, signed a contract, made my first payment – boom! The property was mine to start using! The rest of the payments are automatically charged to my credit card, so nothing for me to do but move my RV there and get away from it all!

Boothe, Christina M. – Ansonia, Connecticut

I was pleasantly surprised with the people there and especially with Craig. What would make me want to do business with them again is the fact that whenever I needed to get a hold of them I was able to either through the phone or email and I would always get an answer to my needs. I would definitely recommend this company to my family and friends.

Vargas, Jesus – Shafter, California 4/25/16